Add a Dr. Becky Fitness Icon to Your Android Phone’s Homepage

If you’re a regular visitor to Dr. Becky Fitness, you’ll want to add our website to the homepage of your phone. That way you can enter your program with the quick tap of an icon.

Android Phone 1 with wording border

NOTE: If you have a tablet and you’d like to add a Bookmark Icon, we recommend searching on Google for add a bookmark to tablet. Because there are so many different types of tablets, we cannot provide specific instructions for each one. 

1. Open on your Phone’s web browser

2. Tap the three vertical dots (see picture below; NOTE, the dots may be in a different location depending on your phone).

Pro Tip: If you’d like to have your bookmark icon open directly to your login page, open

Android Phone 2 with wording border

3. Click on Add to Home screen

Android Phone 3 with wording border

4. Tap Add

Android Phone 4 with wording border

5. Tap Add again.

Android Phone 5 with wording border

You’re done! Go to your phone’s home screen to see your new Dr. Becky Fitness icon that can be tapped to take you straight to the site!