Welcome to the official Dr Becky Fitness & 2 Fit Docs store! You can order your very own 2 Fit Docs mug (all designs used in videos), Dr. Becky Fitness inspired kitchen supplies, and more!

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Dr. Keith’s Mug

A Good Reminder For Yourself And Others Around You…

I’d Rather Have A 15oz Mug

Dr. Becky’s Mug

If You’d Like To Feel Blessed And Grateful Every Morning When You Get Up, Then This Mug Is Perfect For You!

I’d rather ha​ve a 15oz Mug

As Seen On The 2 Fit Docs YouTube Channel…

Other Fun Stuff!

2 Fit Docs Logo Mug (20oz)

Our fans are the absolute best! If you purchase this mug, take a picture with it, and post it on our Facebook page: @2FitDocs

I Love My Wife/Husband More Than Bacon Mug (20oz)

Show your love for your spouse and be honest with yourself! It’s a win-win! 

Bacon Kisses Mug (20oz)

A more positive perspective on bacon grease.

Kiss the Keto Cook Apron

We all know this age old saying, but what if you want to be a little more specific…?