About Dr. Becky

Dr BeckyDr. Becky’s Start in Life

I was raised on a petting zoo.

At least that’s what I like to tell people.

My father grew up as a farmer, and while he left the farm to become a pharmacist, the farm never fully left him.

So my two brothers and I were blessed to be raised with a menagerie of farm animals from bunnies and chickens to a 150-pound ram with horns that curled around twice on top of his massive head.

Spunky the ram was an intimidating sight, but thanks to the fact that he was raised on a bottle and hugged by three kids most every day, he turned out to be so tame that he’d gladly go for walks with us as if he were one of the dogs.

College Days

Dr. Becky College
Dr. Keith & Dr. Becky, 1990

Like most girls of the 80’s, I left home with really big hair to go to college.

I attended undergraduate college in western Pennsylvania and then traveled to the Midwest to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic where I earned my doctor of chiropractic degree in 1991.

In my final year, I was a co-lead researcher on a study on the effects of the chiropractic adjustment on tinnitus.

While the paper never made it to the publishing desk, it did impact my life in many positive ways. One of the most notable is that it gained me a husband! My co-lead researcher and I were married in 1993.

Professional Career

For the next few years, we settled into our professional life and opened a chiropractic clinic in my hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

While I have a naturally introverted personality, I am capable of short bursts of extroversion, which landed me a gig on the local ABC television station as an on-air health consultant.

Yes, I was a television personality, but it sounds more glamorous than it was. My time slots were 5:45 AM and 6:15 AM.

I would wake at 4 AM and spend an hour and a half trying to remove the puffiness from my eyes, and then go live on camera talking about things like, how to shovel snow without hurting your back and how to improve your grip with arthritic hands.


The birth of our daughter was a career game changer for me.

healthy popcorn trickTo gain better hours, I decided to take a teaching position at a local career-oriented college. I always thought that teaching would be something that I’d enjoy, but I didn’t just enjoy it, I loved it!

It seemed to satisfy both my introverted, shy self (i.e. grading papers) and my extroverted, outgoing self (i.e. interacting with students).

I even spent some moments teaching elementary kids about healthy eating (see picture).

Teaching only got better for me as online college courses started to become a thing. Online instruction allowed me to spend even more time doing my favorite thing, being a mom.

Blogging & YouTube

The year 2017 brought my 50th birthday, and I found myself on a new and pretty awesome journey. I’ve taken my passion for health and my love for online teaching and turned myself into a blogger and YouTuber.becky-before-after

My blog, DrBeckyFitness.com is part nutritional science nerd and part empathetic advocate.

The empathy part comes from my past struggles with sugar addiction and out-of-control weight.

In 2017, I was honored to be named one of the New and Upcoming Health and Fitness Websites to follow by The Huffington Post.

Blogging satisfies my scientific curiosity by allowing me a platform to perform nutritional experiments like the tests my husband and I run to get to the bottom of what you can put in your coffee when intermittent fasting.

Helping You

Empathy for my readers comes naturally because I’ve been in their shoes.

My sweet tooth once ruled my life, and my age shows me first hand the challenges of mid-life weight control.

Blogging and working with my coaching program members is what I wake up thinking about most mornings, and adds an element of fun to my days.

All in all, my first fifty years have been fun. Thanks for reading my ramblings; I must admit that I had fun writing them for you. I look forward to working with you someday!

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