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It has been the doctor’s experience that it is very challenging for a vegan or strict vegetarian to follow a keto or very-low-carb diet simply because of the nature of plant foods. Since all plant foods contain carbs, and very few have the high fat and complete protein content needed to reach a low carb or ketogenic macronutrient ratio, it becomes a difficult task to design a strict vegetarian low carb plan. If you allow some animal products like fish, eggs, and some dairy foods, you may benefit from the 0,1,2,3 Diet Plan or the Freedom 40-Day Diet Reset Program, but you would need to create your own meal plans.

The doctors have many members who have found success using our programs despite their particular health issues.  While a low carb style of eating has, for the most part, been proven safe for most people, we do suggest speaking with your doctor prior to starting any of our programs.

The doctors view IF very favorably and include suggestions on incorporating it into our plans.

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