How To Lose Weight – 4 Daily Habits That Give Your Body No Choice But To Lose Weight

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Dr. Becky

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What I’ve learned so far is that following the 4 rules (0,1, 2, 3) has really given me back some control and a sense of calmness…I’m not stressed about what I’m going to eat because its planned out and I know its going to help me lose weight
Michelle P.
I watch all your videos and read all the email you send me, and what an unending plethora of valuable info. I love the information you send me. You know your stuff, and it’s all delivered in such an obviously concerned and heart-felt way. You want to help.
Ann K.
I am very excited that Dr. Becky Gillaspy shared her 0,1,2,3 program with me. In the matter of a few weeks I have lost almost 30 pounds. The 0,1,2,3 program is simple and easy to remember and follow. I am grateful for Dr. Becky Gillaspy and her program, it has changed my life.
Jim R.

It is possible to live in our modern world of convenience foods and stay healthy and fit. When you learn how to choose the right foods, fat is released, and cravings are controlled. Permanent weight loss starts with good nutrition. Get on the path to your ideal weight for free with our 0,1,2,3 Strategy.​

- Dr. Becky

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Here’s how to lose weight using nothing more than 4 simple habits that are better known as my 0,1,2,3 strategy. Follow these 4 habits each day and your body will have no choice but to lose weight.

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