About Dr. Keith


Growing up in the midwest, I enjoyed hunting and fishing with my dad and spending Friday nights at the racetrack where my dad drove a stock car in the modified class.  It was very loud and very exciting!  I have one of my dad’s trophies in a prominent place in my office today.

I was the middle boy of three and very well behaved (at least the way I remember it).  We had a typical midwest upbringing as my dad was a pharmaceutical rep in my younger days and my mom worked as a bookkeeper for a local shoe store. This meant that we got a discount on shoes and we seemed to burn through shoes at an incredible rate back in those days. This was long before Nike and Puma and I can remember getting a new pair of Keds and feeling like I could “run faster & jump higher.”

As you can see, I was pretty scrawny at age 7 and still scrawny at age 14.  You might also notice that I was a Joe Namath fan during my early years.

Speaking of football, being born and raised in Nebraska does something to your genetic makeup so that you become a raving Cornhuskers fan.  You really have no choice.

After High School, where I was on the football team and lettered as a pole vaulter, I attended college in my hometown as a pre-veterinary medicine candidate.

Dr. Becky College

My College Days

As I lay on the ground (following a fateful encounter with the wrong end of a cow), I began to rethink my choice of veterinary medicine and thought that maybe ANYTHING ELSE would be safer.

An injury while lifting weights brought me to my first encounter with a Chiropractor who, while quickly taking care of my injury, also put me on a new career path.

I began my chiropractic schooling in 1987 and while acting as a co-lead investigator on a large research project, I met my future wife, Dr. Becky.

C’mon Man!

We graduated with honors (she more than me) and began private practice in Central Pennsylvania in 1991.  We were married in 1993, had our daughter in 1995, and while Becky transitioned out of active practice to focus on raising our daughter and pursue teaching, I have continued to see patients for 28+ years.

I also went from scrawny kid to overweight, middle-aged guy and I did it with great gusto and fervor.  

Being 5’9″ and 270 lbs is not a recipe for enjoying life.

Luckily, Becky had begun doing some health coaching and had started her online business to help others with weight issues.  I finally had to say, “okay, tell me what to do”.


2 fit docs profile picture

Even though I played hockey each week, was an avid bicyclist, and was in the gym 3 days a week, I couldn’t shake the extra weight.  When I began using her 0,1,2,3 strategy and then switched to a low carb and then keto diet…everything changed.

So here I am today at 175 lbs and enjoying life so much more these days.