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Day 19

The Challenge Menu below shares what to eat today. If you have a busy day and can’t prepare the meals, the Busy Day Plan provides substitutions and alternatives to keep you on track.

Challenge Menu

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Busy Day Plan

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Day 19 Tips

  • Insulin resistance is a condition in which your cells no longer respond as they should to insulin making it hard for your body to utilize glucose (i.e. blood sugar). It is a common condition in those who have a history of being overweight and eating a high-carb diet, and it is one of the most common barriers to weight loss. A low-carb/high-fat diet is an ideal diet if your body is insulin resistant. If you’d like to keep your weight loss progress going after the challenge, upgrade to our Coaching Program where you’ll get additional low-carb and keto meal plans.
  • Tomorrow’s dinner will be made in a slow-cooker (i.e. crockpot). Get a head start by gathering your ingredients tonight! View the recipe for Slow Cooker Skirt Steak