How To STOP Eating Too Much (Even If The Temptation Is Right In Front Of You)

how to stop eating too much

How To STOP Eating Too Much (Even If The Temptation Is Right In Front Of You)

We are often driven to eat because of the situation we are in. So, how do you stop eating too much?

For example, have you ever gone to the movie theater and ordered a large popcorn, just because that is what you do when you go to the movies?

While many of us associate popcorn with movies, ordering it just because is a good way to gain weight, which is probably not your goal.

In other posts, I have shared with you how to apply a number to your hunger to help naturally cut down on the number of calories you consume (If you missed the hunger scale post click here).

If you are in a situation like the one above and notice that you are really not hungry, then you may not want to indulge in all of the calories.

But how to do you avoid eating when the temptation is right in front of you?

A Sane and Simple way to stop eating from getting out of hand is to use a Stopper

What’s a Stopper and How Can It Stop Eating Too Much?

A Stopper is anything that changes the taste you have in your mouth, try a strong breath mint or a piece of gum.

A Stopper can also be something that takes you away from eating for a few moments allowing you to get past the craving. I like to use hot tea, but you could try coffee or another no-calorie drink.

Either option gives you an opportunity to move away from eating and gives your stomach time to tell your brain you feel satisfied.

If you absolutely cannot resist some popcorn, then have a couple of handfuls before popping in a Stopper. You will still come out ahead.

Look at it this way, soon the popcorn smell will diminish and your mind will focus on the movie and if the Stopper kept you from mindless eating, then you saved yourself a lot of work (i.e. diet and exercise) tomorrow.

This works great for avoiding dessert as well!

What do you think? Have you tried using a Stopper to stop eating too much? Did it work?

About the Author

Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC graduated Summa Cum Laude with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991.

8 thoughts on “How To STOP Eating Too Much (Even If The Temptation Is Right In Front Of You)

  1. Hi Dr Becky I look forward to your Email it helps me so much I have been trying to lose weight for over a year haven’t lost a pound, after reading your Emails for the last couple of weeks I now feel I can eat the right food and eat less.I made a conscious decision not to eat bread cake anything with sugar for 8weeks. I lost 6 puunds in my first week so thanks for all your help. X

    1. Hi Susan,

      That is so wonderful to hear! Keep going, you have a great plan – simple, but effective.


      1. I have done a doctor Hyman / Simeon 500 calorie HCG diet and for me the helpful meal plan was to make my dinner as similar to my families as possible. So stir-fry I would make rice for them cauliflower rice for me, pasta for them zoodles for me, tacos for them taco salad for me. I found that it was doable and got me out of the snacking habit. I love your videos very educational .

  2. A stopper for me, Dr. Becky, is to eat a high-fiber dinner and then immediately brush my teeth. That means if I eat anything else, I’ll have to brush them again. I did eat and brush again once, but my memory of what a pain that was has kept me from doing it again. So far.

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