How to Lose Weight without Exercise

Video | Calories | Food Choices | Intermittent Fasting | Takeaway

Exercise is vital for your overall health and well-being. But, what if exercise is a challenge for you due to a physical limitation or hectic schedule. In this post, I discuss the pathways to weight loss that do not involve exercise.

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What Is the Best Time of Day To Start a Fast?

Video | Eating at Night | Your Circadian Clock | Shift Work

To practice intermittent fasting, you need to split your day into two parts: your eating window and your fasting window. But, does it matter when you start your fast? I provide some insights on that question in this blog post.

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10 Foods that Fight Low Carb Leg Cramps

Video | Food List | RDA Values | Avocado | Spinach & Swiss Chard | Broccoli | Salmon & Meat | Salt | Yogurt | Pumpkin Seeds | Bone Broth | Takeaway

If you’re loving the results that you are getting from your low carb or keto diet, but you’re bothered by leg and foot cramps, then you may be dealing with a nutrient deficiency. In this post, I share 10 foods that contain the minerals you need to quiet low carb leg cramps. 

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5 Things You Need for Long-Term Weight Loss Success

Video | Easy Meals | Enjoy the Journey | Effective Plan | Stay Motivated | Believe You Can Do It

No matter how much weight you want to lose, you need to be able to stick with your plan long enough to reach your goal. In this blog post, I share five things that will help you stay true to your plan and achieve weight loss success. 

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Why You Feel like Eating When You’re Stressed

Video | Cortisol | Ghrelin | Dopamine | How to Stop Stress Eating

Are your days filled with stress? Are you always hungry? Well, those two things may be related. In this post, I explain why you feel like eating when you’re stressed and why your hormones made you do it. 

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Keep Hunger Away by Eating Fat & Fiber – Transcript

Do you try to stick with a diet, but quit because you cannot keep hunger away, therefore getting frustrated with your results?

Well, every diet we have ever been on has left us hungry and miserable – Until now!

The solution comes with a simple shift in food choices.

This video was published in July of 2017, during Dr. Keith’s 80-pound weight loss. He shares how he has wiped out his hunger by adding healthy fats and fiber.

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Saturated Fats vs. Unsaturated What’s the Difference? Which to Choose?

Video | What are Fatty Acids? | Cooking with Fats | Takeaway

The fats you eat are either saturated or unsaturated. In this post, I’ll explain the difference, tell you the foods that contain each type, and share which fats I use in my kitchen.

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