L-Carnitine for Weight Loss – Transcript

Keith has lost more than 62 pounds in the past 28 weeks. Most of this progress is attributed to following his ketogenic diet, but he has also been testing supplements for weight loss.

In this video, we will share information on a supplement Keith takes called L-carnitine for weight loss benefits.

We will also address whether or not L-carnitine is the right supplement for you!

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Keep Hunger Away by Eating Fat & Fiber – Transcript

Do you try to stick with a diet, but quit because you cannot keep hunger away, therefore getting frustrated with your results?

Well, every diet we have ever been on has left us hungry and miserable – Until now!

The solution comes with a simple shift in food choices.

This video was published in July of 2017, during Dr. Keith’s 80-pound weight loss. He shares how he has wiped out his hunger by adding healthy fats and fiber.

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MCT Powder vs MCT Oil in Keto Coffee – Our Test Results – Transcript

Between MCT powder vs MCT oil, who will come out the winner?

A few months ago, we tested MCT oil in our coffee, and the results were great. But like always happens, you guys had a lot of questions about MCT oil powder.

We have been promising to test MCT powders for a while, so that is what we did today!

In this post, we test three different popular MCT oil powders and compare their results to our past MCT oil results.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Improves Insulin Sensitivity | How Much to Take

Video | Research | Conclusion | Dosage | Taste Test

We get a lot of questions on Becky’s YouTube channel about apple cider vinegar, and whether apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity.

So we decided to dive into the research and find out what’s what with this amazing concoction.

What we found is pretty interesting!

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Can I Add Stevia to Keto Coffee? Transcript

Summary | Video | Experiment | Conclusion

Can I add stevia in coffee? Will it break a fast?

We’re back on our testing kick, and we can feel it in our fingers!

In the past, we have tested our blood glucose and ketones to see how different things added to our coffee affect our intermittent fast.

We are now working on testing non-noncaloric sweeteners, and we get a ton of questions about stevia. Stevia is a natural type of sweetener since it is from a leaf.

In this post, we discuss whether it is okay or not okay to add stevia to keto coffee.

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Sweeteners in Coffee & Fasting Round 2! Erythritol, Monk Fruit, Xylitol, Allulose

Jump to: Erythritol Conclusion | Monk Fruit Conclusion | Xylitol Conclusion | Allulose Conclusion | Final Results | More Coffee Tests

We are back doing more testing on sweeteners in coffee and their effect on fasting.

In this post, we tested erythritol, monk fruit, xylitol, and allulose in our coffee. We want to see how these sweeteners will affect our blood ketones and blood glucose, and determine if they will break an intermittent fast.

Here are the results!

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