What to Eat to Suppress Your Appetite

Video | Controlling Ghrelin | Non-Starchy Vegetables | Dietary Fat | Boost Fiber

Eating more might sounds like the wrong thing to do if you want to suppress your appetite, but when you eat enough of the three things I share in this article, your hunger and cravings naturally stay low.

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Bedtime Snacking: Here’s What Happens Inside You

Video | Weight | Blood Glucose | Sleep | Heartburn | Bedtime Snacking FAQs | Takeaway

What happens inside of you when you eat late at night? In this post, we’ll take a look inside to better understand how that snack you eat at bedtime affects your weight, blood sugar, and sleep. 

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L-Carnitine for Weight Loss – Transcript

Keith has lost more than 62 pounds in the past 28 weeks. Most of this progress is attributed to following his ketogenic diet, but he has also been testing supplements for weight loss.

In this video, we will share information on a supplement Keith takes called L-carnitine for weight loss benefits.

We will also address whether or not L-carnitine is the right supplement for you!

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Do You Gain Weight Faster Than Your Friends?

Video | Insulin | Insulin Resistance | Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Do you gain weight faster than your friends, even though you eat the same foods and consume the same number of calories? There is a metabolic reason, and it can be fixed. I explain how in this article.

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5 Unusual Low Carb Foods That You’re Probably Not Eating

Video | Kimchi | Sauerkraut | Pesto | Alfredo Sauce | Hemp Seeds

A low carb diet allows you to eat many hearty and satisfying foods. However, like any diet, you can get bored if you are always eating the same thing.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to 5 unusual low carb foods that are packed with flavor and nutrients so you can breathe some new life into your low-carb diet. 

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Sugar Cravings – Why Your Brain Made You Do It & How To Break Free

Video | Sugar and Your Brain | Add Before You Subtract

Are sugar cravings causing you to break your diet? In this post, I explain how your brain is responsible for sugar cravings, and why most of us fail to break free because we have our strategy backward. The good news is that there’s an easy fix that you can start using today to get control of your cravings.

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How to Start Fasting the Easy Way

Video | Fear is Normal | 12 Hours of Fasting | How to Start

You’ve heard the weight loss success stories associated with intermittent fasting. But you cannot imagine going 16 or more hours without food. You are not alone in your fears, but you do not have to give up on this powerful weight loss and health tool. I explained how to get started with fasting the easy way, in this video.

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