Giving Up Sugar is Hard. Here are 5 Things That Help

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No food is worse for your waistline than sugar. When you eat or drink it, it puts your body in a hormonal state that favors fat storage. But giving up sugar comes at a price.

Like other addictive substances, when you stop taking in sugar, your body goes through withdrawal. So, your reward for stopping sugar is a few days of irritability, headaches, and fatigue. In this post, I’ll share five things that I’ve found helpful when coaching people to a sugar-free lifestyle.

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5 Surprising Foods with Hidden Sugar

Sugar is a diet destroyer, but is hidden is so many seemingly healthy foods that it can be difficult to avoid. If you’re trying to go sugar-free, you’ll want to be aware of the sneaky ways sugar makes it into your diet. In this post, I’ll share five surprising foods that contain hidden sugar.

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3 Baby Steps to Quit Sugar and Lose Weight

Getting sugar out of your diet is one of the best things you can do to lose weight. Sugar finds its way into seemingly every social event and calls to us with its addictive nature.

If you’ve tried to kick the sugar habit in the past with little success, this post will give you three baby steps that will help you finally get on the path to becoming sugar-free.

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Will Sugar Substitutes Cut Cravings?

Sugar is the first thing to go when you go on a low-carb or keto diet, but the desire for sweetness often lingers. Is it a good idea to satisfy your sweet tooth with a non-caloric sweetener like Stevia or other sugar substitutes? We’ll take a look at that question in this post.

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The Sugar Trap – How Sugar Keeps You Locked Into Loving It

I often say that sugar does nothing for me except making me want more sugar.

If you can relate to that statement, then this post is for you. I explain how sugar affects your body and brain to keep you locked into loving it.

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