Lose Weight Over 60 – 3 Practical & Tested Tips from Those Doing It

lose weight over 60

Lose Weight Over 60 – 3 Practical & Tested Tips from Those Doing It

As we age, some weight loss strategies stay the same, but others have to be tweaked to be practical and effective.

I am currently eight years away from 60 years old, so I can’t give direct advice, but there are many members of my Weight Loss Coaching Program in this age group.

In this post, I will be sharing stories from those members so that you can see what is actually working to lose weight over 60. 

Lose Weight Over 60 – 3 Practical & Tested Tips [Video]

In this video, you’ll learn…

  • Practical strategies that work after 60.
  • Weight loss challenges after 60.
  • Success stories from those who have tried my Freedom Health Program!

In the forum of my Freedom Health Program, I asked members who are over the age of 60 about the unique challenges they face as well as the strategies that have worked to get the pounds off. Let’s start with the challenges.

Weight Loss Challenges after 60

weight loss challenges after 60


Many members identified the slowing down of metabolism and an inability to exercise as they once did as challenges that can slow down weight loss. While those may be realities, they don’t prevent weight loss.

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Established Habits: 

Another obstacle that was brought up often was the fact that bad eating habits have had a long time to get ingrained into our daily habits by the time we reach 60.

Habits have an element of being automatic. We don’t have to think about grabbing a piece of candy out of the candy dish, but we do have to think about not grabbing it, so habits can be hard to change. 


One of the more surprising challenges that was widely mentioned dealt with mindset. At or beyond 60, it’s easy to adopt the mindset that “this is how it is for me. I just can’t lose; I’ve tried every diet under the sun.

It is easy to lose confidence in your ability to lose weight. One member mentioned that it is easy to resign herself to the thought that “I’ll try anything, but I doubt I’ll follow through anymore.”

If you’re feeling discouraged or hopeless, just know that those feelings are not yours alone.

If weight loss has been hard for you up to this point, it’s not due to a lack of wanting to eat healthily. Much of the blame lies in our confusion over what exactly healthy eating for weight loss looks like. 

Where We Went Wrong-War Against Fat

Starting in the 1970’s we entered a war against eating fat. This was an easy war for us to pick a side because it sounds very logical that if we eat fat, we will get fat.

However, it took until the recent decade for us to start questioning that assumption. We now know that weight loss is a hormonally driven process.

The most important hormone for controlling your weight is insulin. That understanding changed everything because we now know that when we select foods that keep insulin levels low, we encourage our bodies to lose weight. The nutrient that keeps insulin low is dietary fat. 

allow fat into your diet over 60

Despite the fact that this new understanding of eating fat has been well studied and documented, learning to allow fat into your diet is a tough thing to do.

You are essentially learning a new way of eating that is in direct contrast to the rules that you have been living by.

Switching to a higher fat diet is one of the strategies that was often credited for the success that my members have had. 

Weight Loss Strategies that work after 60

#1 Increase Fat Intake

This is illustrated in the words of this member:

“I had to understand that eating whole fats instead of low fat everything was much healthier and would help me to lose weight. Almost everything that I had learned over the years was turned upside down.”

I loved this contribution as well:

“I’ve modified an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, to an avocado a day keeps the hunger away.”

Not that an apple is bad, but an avocado is a great healthy-fat fruit for weight loss. 

#2 Get Away from Sugar and Refined Carbs

It is good to note that just increasing your fat intake is not going to yield the weight loss results that you want. That dietary change needs to be accompanied by a drop in sugar and refined carbs. Those are the foods that spike insulin and therefore block weight loss. 

Cutting down on sugar is a scary notion because cakes, cookies, and candies are not only fun foods to eat, but as we age, they also become forms of entertainment and ways of showing love.

It is one thing for me to tell you that you can stop eating sugar, but it is quite another for me to share the words of those who have successfully done it after the age of 60. One member wrote: 

“I NEVER thought I’d be able to not want sugar, but after only a few days, I didn’t. I think when people read that they think, “Yeah, fine for her, but they don’t know how much I love Oreos (or whatever). But I was one of those people (Hershey’s milk chocolate for me), and I can easily turn down sugar – best of all, not be tempted!

That temptation does subside because you lose your tolerance to sugar. Once you get into the swing of how to make this shift to a high-fat/low-sugar lifestyle, you discover that it is truly enjoyable and that the food is very satisfying as shared by this member:

“Love the recipes. I didn’t realize that I could lose weight and eat so well!”

#3 Practice Intermittent Fasting

Another strategy that was mentioned by many members is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting simply means that you split your day between eating hours and fasting hours. Much like if you’ve ever had a blood test scheduled for the morning and the technician asks you to not eat after dinner the night before. Practicing intermittent fasting is no more complicated than that.

This works for the same reason that a high-fat/low-carb diet works. It has the same effect on your insulin level.

Insulin is pumped into your blood when you eat a meal. If there is no food coming in, insulin stays low and your body stays in a state that encourages fat burning. 

3 practical strategies for weight loss after 60

Three practical and tested strategies that work after the age of 60 are to increase healthy fats, decrease refined carbs and sugar, and incorporate intermittent fasting by shortening the number of hours a day that you consume calories. 

Positive Side Effects – Bonus!

I want to share a few more very encouraging comments from members.

Members were asked to share the positive side-effects they’ve experienced since losing weight. I am going to share their words about getting off of medications, improved sleep, less joint pain, and improved mood. Their words are so powerful that I wanted to step out of the way and let you read them. 

Off Medications

“Hi, everyone, yesterday I went to my doctor for the annual Medicare checkup and spoke to my doctor about stopping my cholesterol medication. (I have been on the diet since mid-January.) She said she would look at the blood panel and call me back today. Well, the results are in, and I no longer have to take the medicine! Just changing my eating patterns have yielded this good result.”

“A non scale victory has been weaning myself off various long term prescriptions. Naproxyn 3, blood pressure meds have been whittled down to 2, with a plan to discontinue both eventually. Plus I no longer take Ambien, which I took for at least 10 years. I now sleep like a baby with melatonin. ?I’m a happy camper.”

Improved Sleep

“I sleep well, usually without waking up at all until morning. One other thing that I’ve noticed is that I don’t feel sleepy in the afternoon.”

Less Joint Pain 

“I love moving more easily. It’s like taking off a parka and snow pants, but it’s my body fat. My joints have less pain. Going up a flight or two of stairs is easier.”

Peaceful Mood

“I feel so much better and I’m happier. And it’s doable—I don’t have the all or nothing attitude. I know I can bounce back.”

About the Author

Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC graduated Summa Cum Laude with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991.

25 thoughts on “Lose Weight Over 60 – 3 Practical & Tested Tips from Those Doing It

  1. Hi Dr Becky,
    I need some help!! I am focusing on the 0123DietPlan, I’m on day 16, I thought I had worked it out correctly, the first week I lost 1lb, week two I gained 1/2lb, now l I’m panicking, course I’m frightened of doing it wrong. ( I’ll let you know at this stage I’m registered dyslexic, also I have been type 2 diabetic 25 years) I understand the foods that I can eat, what I’m having difficulty with is the 0123, I understand 0, no sugar, 3, carbs either very little breads, root veg, fruit, but plenty of green vegetables and salads, what I’m not understanding is 1 fats, 2 protein, because the foods are the same in both categories, so when I write down my food intake I don’t know which category to put them in. On the plus side within 24hrs I felt a calming affect in my tum, so I am eager to get it right, and the food tastes the same as when I was younger, it’s great. Also for an example, if I was on a 1200 cal would I divide it in half 600cal fats ,300, cals, protein 300 cal, carbs. Sorry I’m a bit drawn out but I need to get right
    Thank you Nicola Rawson.

    1. Hi Nicola,

      I see that you are a member of the Freedom Health Program. We have a video in the program that will walk you through the 0,1,2,3 rules that is titled “0,1,2,3 Foundation Rules.” There is also a members-only forum where I can provide you with more guidance. You have full access to the video and the forum when you log in. There is a “Log In” link in the navigation bar at the top of the website.

      Please feel free to ask me direct questions in the forum. And, please, don’t reply to this post as I may not see it and I want to offer you the support.

      My Best,

  2. Hello, just getting started. I went on my own version of Keto about a year ago and had good success.
    I measured my progress in belt loops. I went down almost four belt loops and felt great for a long time.
    However, the holidays hit, I was working construction on the road and keeping a good Keto type diet became more difficult as the months went by. I’m 58 and about 260 lbs. and would love to get to 200 within a years time and then below 200 into my sixties and stay. I’ve seen many Keto YouTube videos and Drs. Keith and Becky are my favorite and I’m very much looking forward to this lifetime journey.
    Also, I enjoy drinking spirits more than I should and love mostly Mexican food! Therein the challenges lie.
    Thanks. Also, I love boxercise and have joined 9Rounds boxing gym. Please advise as to how much exercise to start this wonderful program.

    1. Hi Tomas, I see that you are a recent member of the Freedom Health Program. Welcome! We have a forum for members where you can say hello and Dr. Keith & I can help you with any questions you might have. You will see a link to the member’s forum when you log in here. If you have any trouble gaining access, you can contact our customer support team through the Support link in the navigation area at the top of the website.

  3. Its October 8th -I started this diet early September this year and I Love this plan! Decided to do the moderate vs extreme diet as mentioned in your video. However once I began I noticed I wasn’t hungry so found myself not needing to eat more than once a day. (Extreme diet) I went from 173 to 152 easily within a month and my mood and energy level received a huge boost!
    I’ve lost weight before but didn’t keep it off. I’m planning to adapt this eating to maintain and keep my energy. Im finding Im more hungry now than when I started. Ive gone back to snacking on dark chocolate with very low sugar content.This has been my pattern for many years and may be more of a psychological crutch than I’ve wanted to admitt. Who ever said stopping a behaviour for 20 days will break the habit didnt know what they were talking about! I still have 7 lbs to go since I’m 5ft, barely 4 inches. ( but have good muscle mass) I want my weight loss and chocolate too! Dr. Becky, I’m listening : )

    1. Hi Rose, congratulations on the progress you’ve made to this point. I am not sure if you had a specific question about your continued progress on the plan, but it sounds like you’re a member? If you have a question, you can ask it in the Freedom Health forum and I will be happy to provide some guidance.

    1. Hi Kathy, for most, a low-carb or keto diet improves blood work results. Cholesterol is a big topic that takes a lot to understand. I have an extensive video in my coaching program that goes into the blood tests to ask your doctor to run to get an accurate picture of your health.

  4. I have a special situation. I’m a single mom and my daughter is handicapped. Because of her medical care schedule which can’t be changed I never eat dinner until 9pm or later. I try not to eat for 12 hours after that. How can I follow the 0123. When I have to eat so late? I’m so tired after I finally eat I just want to crash!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, eating late at night will affect the quality of sleep because the act of digestion directs blood to the core keeping your core temperature raised. You may want to try adjusting the size of your earlier meals. I do provide meal and snack suggestions as well as intermittent fasting alternatives in my programs.

  5. Hi, I live in Australia so would the coaching programme work for me. I am 56 & 5ft 3inches & 70 kilos. Extremely fine boned so I really need to loose at least 10 kilos, as lots of stomach fat with heart disease in family. I was very slim & ate everything when I was younger, however menopause has hit & I just gained and cannot get rid of it.

  6. Turned 60 this year. I am 5’2″ and had been as high as 148 but I’m down to 135ish now and after being on keto I have learned to choose the healthy fats. To curb the carbs and intermittent fasting comes naturally as well as a decrease in appetite. I’ve learned that I can stay where I am but everything in moderation. One glass of wine. One piece of cheese. A half an avocado a day. All of this seems to curb my hunger. I’ve been so blessed with good health and no medications. Here’s hoping everyone who struggles will find their own personal balance. There’s a lot to be said for listening to your body.

  7. I am excited to get started. I am more excited to find a site for menopausal, insulin resistant, possible fatty liver, over weight and older women. I did keto years ago with great success but it seems now my metabolism is more stubborn at 59. I tried again and I failed. Years ago it was Dr Atkins and eating a pound of bacon was ok….lol. Long story short I feel more confident now to try this again with your guidance. I watch my family (in their 30s) dropping weight daily on Keto. I am so ready to get this weight off of my bone and muscle structure. Everything hurts. I know its from the added cargo I carry around. I hope the ladies above start feeling better so they can enjoy their weight loss. Thank you for the video!

  8. I am 81 5’1” 122. Started Keto last Oct. at 145. My road has been a roller coaster. Was diagnosed with A-Fib in March and have had vertigo type symptoms almost daily for months. Not vertigo but doctors can’t diagnose what is causing them. I have been going from 121-124 for months. I have good days and bad days. I am better than when I was 145. I would hope for more good days and fewer bad days but it is what it is. I will keep on keeping on.

    1. Hi Jackie, I would have to echo what I mentioned to someone else in the comments by saying that there is a lot that goes into a well-formulated keto diet. I cannot say that your symptoms are related to your diet, so it is good that you are working with your doctors.

      1. I wonder if you started anticoagulation therapy with Warfarin as I did: did the keto-diet affect your coagulation numbers?

  9. I experienced the same thing ! I thought I was the only one. I am 67 years old and didn’t start feeling normal until I had been doing KETO and watching calories for 5 months. I too would go up and down over the same 3 pounds and was wakened by awful leg and foot cramps and the need to urinate all night long. I logged everything I ate. So it was a very slow process. The only good thing I can say is I did loose 28-30 pounds and many inches and was not hungry. It would have been easier if I didn’t have brain fog and having a little more energy would have been nice.
    Maybe maybe maybe I should have eaten more calories? I did reach my micros…. so why?????

  10. I am 72. Had no trouble giving up sugar & since I am a sugar addict I was highly surprised when I started Keto. On this for almost 4 months and only lost 23 lbs and cannot get into Ketosis, am lethargic, cannot sleep through the night (must get up to urinate), no energy that this diet say promises. I have not given up but just go up 3 lbs & down 3. I have always done intermittent fasting just didn’t know what it was called. I am 4 ft 11 1/2 inches and currently weigh 163lbs & goal weight is 100 lbs. I have bought 3 carb books, I eat hungry cook book, joined yours and others tube for ideas what to eat. I have bacon and eggs for breakfast (sorry I have tried but can not eat avocados. Please help. I can see eating this way for the rest of my life, however, I want to lose weight.Hard to exercise due to hip.

    1. Hi Marianne, I am happy that my YouTube videos have provided some help, but they are for a broad audience. There is a lot that goes into a well-formulated diet that will not only produce weight loss but also better health. I encourage you to look into my coaching program. In it, I go into how you’ll feel and how to feel good on a low-carb or keto diet.

  11. I am 1 year away from 60 and I’ve been a member of your program since May. I have Lost 33 lbs very quickly. I’m at a stall with my weight loss with 20 lbs to go. I’m having difficulty with exercising daily, but am having no trouble with my 0123 eating plan. I’ve added a supplement that boosts my metabolism called Metaburn by Plexus and hope that Ell get it going again.

    1. Hi Maureen, congrats on your weight loss. Go ahead and post your situation in our member’s forum. I should be able to point you in the right direction and you can get additional support from the members.

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