Bright Line Eating Reviews – Weight Loss, Cost, Discounts, Difficulty

Bright Line Eating Reviews

Bright Line Eating Reviews – Weight Loss, Cost, Discounts, Difficulty

Are you interested in the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp or the Bright Line Eating Diet but want to know what others are saying about them?

I’ve put together an extensive Bright Line Eating Reviews post for you.

This review includes actual member concerns and praises gathered from more than 1,700 forum posts, official FAQ posted by Bright Line Eaters, and three Facebook live broadcasts.

BLE Reviews

You can read the entire post or jump to your burning question by clicking on the Table of Contents below:

A Closer Look at The Bright Line Eating Reviews Questions

1. Do Bright Line Eaters Lose Weight?

The founder of Bright Line Eating, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, has published scientific research on the efficacy of Bright Line Eating.

The research shows that within a two month period, participants experienced significant weight loss as well as reduced hunger and cravings, increased energy, and improved quality of life and life satisfaction.

Bright Line Eating Reviews - Susan
Bright Line Eating CEO Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson

Dr. Susan boasts that her program is 280 times more successful than any other program out there.

That is a bold statement! But is it true?

Well, if you go by the incredible blurbs typed in by Bright Line Eating members during her Facebook Live broadcasts, you have to believe the claim. Here are just a small sampling of the comments…

  • “Day 45 in the boot camp. Released 12.9lbs. Thank you so much for what you do!”
  • “My sister just started and lost 19 pounds in 2 months.”
  • “I am 7 weeks into BOOT CAMP. Down 28 lbs sugar and flour free.”
  • “I’m on week 7 of the boot camp and finally have a healthy relationship with food. As an added bonus, I have released 15 lb with 8 more till I’m in my right-sized body.”
  • “Lost 35 pounds so far on BLE in 5 months. It’s the only way to go. Feeling healthier every day and learning to be free from my food obsessions! Thank you, Susan Peirce Thompson.”
  • “First time with BLE and boot camp lost in one month 5 kilos.”
  • “I’ve lost 46 pounds doing Bright Line Eating. I highly recommend it.”
  • “493 days I’ve been doing BLE, and I have been doing maintenance for 364 days now. I LOVE living in my Right Size Body!!”
  • “Bright Lifer here. I do Bright line eating and I love it so much! It works! I lost 90 pounds and now am in love with the ability to maintain my nice low normal weight. I have NEVER been able to do this before.”
  • “I completed boot camp Oct. 2016 then joining Bright Lifers!!! I have released 41 lbs to date and have not gained it back.”
  • “I am on Day 9! lost 4 lbs so far.”
  • “Day 38! Lost 19 pounds and in for the long haul. Thank you so much.”
  • “I’ve done one of Susan’s Boot Camp and I’ve released 93 pounds!!!”
  • “I’m living Happy, Thin and Free and I’ve been in a right size body for almost 6 months . This could be your reality as well.”
  • “I’m on day 37, and it is amazing!”
  • “I am on Day 263 and have released over 100 lbs! I have never lost this much weight!”
  • “I have been doing Bright Line eating for five months and have lost 60 lbs! Loving it!”
  • “BLE is the answer, down 38 lbs, size 26 to 22.”
  • “Over 75 lbs lost between this husband and wife team. Consider this program with the possibilities to be happy, thin and free. We have two out of the three achieved! Thin is in our future.”
  • “Completed the ‘Oct. 16 bootcamp and I can’t believe how easy it was to release 36 pounds.”
  • “I am a brightlifer! I have lost 50 pounds so far and it is an incredible program. The best thing I have ever done for my weight loss!”
  • “On my 6th week of BLE! Down 13 pounds. Woohoo! I’m thrilled and grateful for your expertise and your sharing what you know. I love this program. I’ve been waiting for it all my adult life.”
  • “I am on BLE for 3 weeks now, lost 6 pounds, because of BL – just 3 meals – and above all NO sugar anymore.”
  • “I’ve lost 25 inches!”
  • “Day 35 down 13 pounds and love my new lifestyle. I am so grateful for YOU! Love you.”
  • “I have lost 60 lbs in five months following Bright Line Eating! It’s such a life saver!”
  • “I’m on Day 410 of Bright Line Eating! Amazing eating program! It works!”

I watched three of her Facebook Live Broadcasts and could have added many more pages of glowing testimonials from thrilled participants.

Of course, you have to imagine that there are some people that have been dissatisfied with the program, and we will cover some of those comments in the section titled, “Is it hard to stick to the Bright Lines.”

But, there is no denying that the Bright Line Eating program has produced weight loss results for many people.

I share a video of Before and After Success pictures from past Bright Line Eating Boot Camps in my post, The Ultimate Guide to Bright Line Eating.

Try The Bright Line Eating Way of Eating – Free!

I developed a BLE Meal Plan for people who are interesting in BLE and want to “test the waters” before diving in.  Note that the only way to get the official Bright Line Eating Plan is to join a BLE Boot Campl. You will receive a link to learn more about the Boot Camps when you download the meal plan.

2. How Much Does the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp Cost?

When I first wrote this review post, the cost of the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp was one of the biggest points of concern that I ran across.

Bright Line Eating Reviews Cost

Since the early days of BLE, the cost has dropped dramatically, allowing more people to benefit from the program and allowing BLE to reach a larger audience.

Bright Line Eating started as a group of 8-week-long courses. These short term courses produced remarkable results, but came with a hefty price tag of $495 per course. That price was enough to make some jaws drop and lead to some very unkind forum posts.

Comments about the cost lead some people to cry foul and state that it felt like “manipulative marketing,” “money-making machine,” and that the program was “taking advantage” of people with weight issues.

Dr. Susan and her team took these complaints to heart and revamped their entire business model in late 2021. BLE Boot Camp and Bright Lifers is now offered as a membership for just $20 per month. Considering that those two courses originally required a $1,000 investment, this new model is much more affordable.

Forum members justify the cost of the program.

  • The most common justifications were that the program worked when other programs did not and that the support (from paid employees) was phenomenal.
  • One Bright Line Eater stated that the boot camp sets you up with a support group filled with people on your same journey and knowledgeable staff, so if it works, it’s a bargain.
  • I also read a reply by one Bright Lifer who pointed out that he had spent more than $500 over the years on junk food and diet programs that didn’t work, so paying for a program with a proven success record seemed fair.
  • Another poster wrote that she really didn’t want to spend the money, but acknowledged that she had a problem with overeating and with sugar that needed to get fixed. She was hoping that putting forth the money would help her stay motivated.
  • Still, another acknowledged that it was a huge investment, but turned out to be the “gift of life.”

3. Bright Line Eating: Discounts, Refunds, Cancellations


The membership model introduced in 2021 dramatically lowered the financial investment needed to begin the course BLE Courses (i.e., Boot Camp and Brighter Lifers for $20/month). A discount exists for those who pay for a full year up front. The cost for a full year is $200, equaling two free months.

Bright Line Eating Reviews Discount

Refunds and Cancellations

Consumer are allotted 14 days for any/all returns. Consumers can cancel/return at any time, but they will only receive a refund in the initial 14-day window after purchase. 

Lower Cost Options For Bright Line Eating

There are also less expensive ways to get started with Bright Line Eating including a downloadable Meal Plan, Facebook Group and the Bright Line Eating Book.

1) Bright Line Eating Meal Plan

I put together a BLE meal plan to give you an idea of how you will be eating on the BLE plan. This is not an official meal plan, but follows the 4 Bright Line rules.

Bright Line Eating Meal Plan

Download the Bright Line Eating Meal Plan I put together by entering your name and email in the box below. You will get immediate access to the recipes and grocery list.

(When you enter your information, you will also be added to my secure email list, see the Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page for details.)

2) Facebook Page

There is a BLE Facebook Group that non-boot campers can join. In this group, you can learn about the experiences of others and jump on a Facebook Live Broadcast when offered.

3) The Bright Line Eating Book: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free was released in hardback on March 21, 2017. It is now available in paperback.

Dr. Susan welcomes people to utilize the book as a low-cost introduction to the Bright Line Eating way of life.

4. Is It Hard to Stick to The Bright Lines

As with many weight loss programs, you’ll get results if you stick to the rules. Bright Line Eating Program is no exception

Bright Line Eaters are asked to adhere to the four Bright Lines strictly.

  • No sugar
  • No flour
  • Stick to 3 meals per day
  • Weighed and measured quantities

There are only four rules, but they involve a big commitment, so the obvious question on many people’s mind when they are trying to decide whether or not to join a Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is…

“How hard is it to stick to the bright lines?”

In my review of forum posts, I found that enthusiasm and commitment to following the bright lines were high for the first few weeks, and then started to wane.

This response was the same as you would expect to see with any weight loss program. However, the game-changer for Bright Line Eating was the incredibly high level of support that boot camp members receive.

Bright Line Eating Support

Support comes in many forms, including Buddy Support, Coaching from official BLE coaches that includes help with meal planning for special needs, Facebook Communities, small groups, and regular group calls.

Here are some ideas of what support is like. Members shared that they received…

  • Phone calls welcoming them into the community
  • Tremendous support and energy from the BLE community
  • Personalized assistance
  • The ability to reach out and receive help, even when it’s 2:00 in the morning.
  • Coaching from official BLE coaches that includes help with meal planning.

Many noted that personal and group phone calls and messages hit the right spot…

  • I had a hard day and got a phone call from a real person welcoming me to BLE!
  • Wow, I see the value of a conference call. You hear the emotion in people’s stories. It was inspiring!
  • The phone calls in real-time have exceeded my expectations!

The praise for Susan was palpable with member after member singing the praises of their very hands-on leader.

  • Many people mentioned that they received personal phone calls or notes directly from Dr. Susan.
  • And others shared how she would stay on group calls until every caller had his or her action plan set.

As one member put it, the level of emotional support during and after the boot camp was “Priceless!”

The Bright Lines Mean Peace and Freedom to Many

There were some members that expressed apprehension about following the Bright Lines.

For instance, one Bright Line member expressed apprehension when she shared that her neighbor invited her over for dinner and she worried that she might offend her if she refused the invitation or took her own food. (A member replied that she could tell her neighbor that her doctor put her on a special diet.)

However, it was surprising to hear many members talk about the freedom they felt by following the Bright Lines.

A BLE member mentioned that she always thought of adhering to strict rules that would make her free spirit feel hemmed in and take away the fun of eating.

But she discovered that the opposite was true. Following the Bright Lines gave her a sense of peace because she did not have to make any decisions at mealtimes.

Many others echoed this feeling of contentment calling the bright lines “empowering,” “automatic,” “structured,” “sensible,” “stabilizing,” and “calming.”

One member equated the bright lines to a seat belt because they made her feel safe and secure.

The Bright Lines Provide A Sense of Control & Relief For Many

The program made many people feel in control, even at night.

They felt mindful when it came to eating.

They felt free because they no longer had to decide how much to eat.

And, one member shared that following the Bright Lines helped her build integrity within herself that has fueled her through her difficult days.

Many members shared that following the Bright Lines filled them with a sense of relief because it eliminated the need for willpower. Their eating decisions were made in advance allowing them to avoid the decision of what to eat when they were tired or stressed.

Bright Lifers Celebrate Their Ongoing Commitment

I was also surprised to see many members celebrating BLE anniversaries.

Two members stated that they had been following the program for more than a year, and I still loved it.

5. Does Bright Line Eating Work for People with Special Conditions or Needs (i.e. Vegan, Diabetes, Food Addiction, Hormonal Imbalances)

The Frequently Asked Questions section of the Bright Line Eating Program addresses many people’s concerns about special conditions and needs.

It was not unusual to find forum comments from members who tweaked the rules to accommodate their preferred way of eating.

The reasons for the changes ranged from a desire to not eat animal products to unusual work schedules to those that did not want to measure food quantities. (FYI, an alternative to weighing and measuring is to employ a “one plate rule” meaning you do not go back for seconds.)

Is Bright Line Eating Appropriate for Vegetarians and Vegans?

According to the BLE FAQ page, the BLE food plan has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Can Bright Line Eating Help with Diabetes?

While the organization makes it clear that they are not providing medical advice, they do state that some members have reported that their blood sugar stabilizes when they follow the Bright Line Eating plan.

I also came across a few member comments that echoed this idea, with one FB Live Broadcast participant mentioning…

“Day 13 of the 14-day Challenge…Blood sugar back under control, sleeping better, willing to face the world. Thank you for this blessing.”

Will Bright Line Eating Help a Person With Food Addiction?

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson is quick to explain her experience as a food addict. In fact, her popular Susceptibility Scale Quiz is designed to let you know your level of food addiction.

The origin of the Bright Lines are based on the teachings of Food Addicts Anonymous, which is a foundation that supports food addicts, so I came across a lot of comments from people who have struggled with this issue.

As reported in the section on The Bright Lines Mean Peace and Freedom to Many, many people find the straightforwardness of the Bright Lines to provide the structure they need to control their food addiction.

Can You Follow the Bright Lines If You Have Hormonal Imbalances

There was no official word on the Bright Line Eating Website regarding members with hypothyroidism, menopausal issues or other hormonal conditions, and the organization makes it clear that members with medical issues need to consult their doctor before beginning the program.

Follow this link if you’d like to learn more about foods that may support the thyroid.

Follow this link if you’d like to learn more about foods that may help with menopause weight loss.


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