How Sugar Blocks Weight Loss Hormones & How To Fix The Problem To Lose Faster

Sugar Blocks Weight Loss Hormones

How Sugar Blocks Weight Loss Hormones & How To Fix The Problem To Lose Faster

If weight loss is slow, you might be fighting your hormones.

Here’s how sugar prevents your weight loss hormones from doing their job and how you can fix them for faster results.

How Soda Affects Weight Loss Hormones

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Top Weight Loss Hormones

There are many hormones that affect weight loss, but two that are damaged by a high-sugar diet are Insulin and Leptin.

Insulin (The UPS Drivers of the Weight Loss Hormone World)

Insulin is like a package delivery truck.

It can be found on the major roadway of your body, which is your bloodstream.

These tiny insulin trucks carry sugar, and they drive to only three locations.

The first trucks deliver sugar to your liver and muscles, where the sugar becomes an easy-to-burn source of energy.

Other trucks deliver sugar to your fat cells, where it gets packed away for long-term storage.

If you eat a lot of sugar, then your bloodstream puts more insulin trucks on the road to deal with the excess.

This is an efficient system…most of the time.


But, if you feed your body a steady diet of sugar, the system breaks down.

You become insulin resistant.

When you’re insulin resistant, your insulin trucks try to make their deliveries to your liver and muscles, but they are met with ‘ROAD CLOSED’ signs.

With nowhere else to go, your trucks dump their sugar in your fat cells.

So, a high sugar diet puts you into fat-storage mode.

This brings us to the second weight loss hormone, which is leptin.

Leptin (“can you hear me now”)

Leptin is made by your fat cells. So the more fat you have, the more leptin you have.

Leptin’s job is to call up your brain and tell it how much fat (a.k.a energy) is stored on your body.

If your brain receives a lot of phone calls, it knows there is plenty of fat and starts taking action to get rid of some.

You lose your appetite, your metabolism speeds up and you go into fat-burning mode.

But, when you eat a diet high in sugar and refined foods these leptin phone calls between your fat cells and your brain get dropped.

This is called leptin resistance.

Your brain never gets the message to shut down hunger and speed up your metabolism, so you feel compulsively hungry and burn fat very slowly.

How to fix your weight loss hormones

Fixing your hormone problems begins with steadying your blood sugar.

When your blood sugar level is consistent, your insulin delivery trucks can get sugar to your liver and muscles for immediate energy.

This brings fat storage down and removes leptin resistance. Your brain gets the message to stop hunger and starts to burn fat.

Added sugar, sugary treats (i.e. cookies, cake, and candy), and processed foods that have hidden sugars cause your blood sugar to spike up.


Avoid these foods, or eat them with other foods that naturally control your blood sugar level, like fiber and protein.

High fiber foods are not easily digested, so they pass through your system without raising your blood sugar.

Fiber is only found in plant foods, so you want to eat vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds.

High protein foods don’t immediately break down into sugar, so they don’t spike your blood sugar level.

Protein is found in many plant foods, particularly beans, nuts, and seeds. It is also found in lean meats.

My Free Video Series: 4 Daily Habits for Weight Loss shows you how to eat in a way that removes insulin and leptin resistance.

When these weight loss barriers are removed, your body and your brain work together. You feel less hungry and your stored fat burns away.

If your goal is to get those extra pounds off quickly, you need to eat a nutritious diet that naturally corrects your weight loss hormones, cuts your cravings for sugar, and reduces hunger.

I put together a list of 10 foods that help with weight loss by controlling your blood sugar. I then combined those foods into a full day meal plan.

Pick up the list of weight loss foods you’ll love to eat with the meal plan in this blog post.

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