Tips to Lose Weight – 4 Quirky Ways To Lose Your Extra Pounds

Scale-Quirky Weight Loss Tips

Tips to Lose Weight – 4 Quirky Ways To Lose Your Extra Pounds

These tips to lose weight might be a bit odd, but if weight loss has been a struggle, maybe odd is what you need!

If you’re wondering how to lose weight, you’re not alone. At least 2/3 of Americans will be on some kind of diet this year.

With that many people interested in weight loss, you’d think we’d have this problem taken care of by now…We don’t.

Why Losing Weight Is So Hard For You

Researchers study why the average person doesn’t lose weight. Hint: it’s NOT a lack of knowledge.

You know which foods are good to eat on a diet, and which are bad. Let me prove it to you.

Pop Quiz on Dieting:

Which of the following foods will help you lose weight?

a. cream-filled donuts

b. vegetables

c. pizza

d. potato chips

If you picked b, congratulations you’re correct. If you picked any other answer, leave this blog immediately, I can be of no further help to you.

Okay, so the problem with losing weight is not that you don’t know which foods to eat. In fact, the problem is the exact opposite. You know TOO MUCH!

When researchers looked into why people fail to eat healthy and lose weight, the conclusion they came to was that the average person suffers from information overload.

You are bombarded with nutritional soundbites from the minute you turn on your computer in the morning to the time you shut off your TV at night.

These tidbits of info are often confusing.

One source tells you that carbohydrates are your problem. The next source tells you that you’ll never lose weight without carbs.

One magazine tells you that counting calories is the key to success, while the next magazine tells you to never think about calories again.


It’s Time To Come Up With Your Own Diet Strategy

In a survey, researchers found that the majority of dieters that reached their goal and kept the weight off came up with their own way of eating. In other words, over time, they developed a plan that was unique only to them and their particular lifestyle.

You need a plan to get you headed in the right direction (my 4 Daily Habits Free Video Series would be a good start), but after you master the basics, spread your wings and fly!

When you do, you might even come up with your own list of unusual ways to lose weight and stay slim and trim.

Until then, here are my…

4 Quirky Tips  To Lose Weight

1. Smile through it

Why not start out the gate with one method that sounds really silly. Smiling.

Here’s the thing. If you’re like many people, you look at dieting as an unpleasant and stressful chore. This must change if you expect results.

happy, healthy couple

Research shows that ninety percent of people ignore psychological well-being as a factor in weight loss.

Following a diet requires you to change your habits. The problem is that your brain loves your established habits. These predictable patterns mean less work for your brain. In fact, your brain has chemically trained you to stick with the status quo.

When you stick with your habits, your brain releases feel-good chemicals (i.e. dopamine). When you force yourself to change, your brain causes the release of stress hormones (i.e. cortisol).

When you smile, your brain releases dopamine (i.e. the feel-good one), which carries you through some of the pain and misery of changing to a healthy diet. With time, you’re new way of eating becomes your new habit, and your brain prefers your new food choices.

Bottom Line: When your new to a diet, and you feel a craving come on, smile BIG.

2. Eat a piece of bacon

I told you these tips would sound silly, and I’m a woman of my word.

You know that eating processed meats that are high in salt and saturated fats (i.e. bacon) is a bad thing to do.

Having said that, fat is very satisfying. Are there healthier fats? Sure. If you absolutely hate this idea, then eat an avocado, a handful of walnuts or a slab of salmon. But, hear me out.


I encourage my readers to eat a diet that consists mainly of superfoods (you have to do this to make the bacon thing work out). Superfoods include leafy green vegetables, fruits, beans, whole oats, nuts, and seeds.

But eating a certain way every minute of every day is like working 365 days/year without a vacation. Eventually, the lack of time off becomes boring.

You start daydreaming about old foods you left behind.

Then this thought appears, “Dieting stinks, I wanna quit.”

When you get to this point – STOP – and eat a piece of bacon.

Bacon is low carb and high fat, so your body won’t retain fluid, but your hunger will be satisfied. This gives bacon an edge over candy. If you try to satisfy hunger with candy, you’ll eat more candy. Sugar is addictive and makes you crave more sugar.

The bottom line, bacon feels like a cheat food. It can be used as a secret weapon to break up the boredom of eating a healthy diet without causing you to completely abandon ship.

(Want more? Here’s some research on why Sugar is Worse than Saturated Fat For Your Heart.)

3. Floss your teeth

Flossing is one of my favorite stoppers. It can prevent overeating in an instant.

The simple act of eating stimulates your appetite. It’s doesn’t matter what you eat, if you start, your brain wants more.

This primitive appetite stimulation is why it’s so hard to stop eating, even when you’re stuffed. To lose weight, it’s important that you have a great strategy that shifts you away from the desire to eat. Flossing works.

After a meal or snack, pull out your floss and use it. Flossing leaves your mouth feeling clean, which makes you not want to dirty it up with food.

Bottom line: Buy a few packs of dental floss. Keep a box in your purse, by the TV remote, and in your kitchen.

4. Tell yourself what you weigh

Did you ever hear of the power of suggestion?

It’s when you plant a thought in your head to change behavior.


Basically, what you imagine becomes reality.

To help yourself lose weight, you want to tell yourself what you expect to weigh once your goal has been reached.

I did this to rid my body of the 50 extra pounds it was carrying, and I still do it today.

For example, when I weighed 170 pounds, I had a short-term goal to lose 10 pounds. Before I stepped on the scale, I said to myself, “I weigh 160 pounds.” After a few weeks, the number on the scale dropped to match the number in my head. My subconscious mind helped me reach my goal, which sounds silly, but works.

Bottom line: Before you step on your bathroom scale, tell yourself, “I weigh X pounds.” The X is your ideal weight or short-term goal. Your mind doesn’t like confusion. Tell it the reality you want, and it will go there.

Weight Loss Tricks That Work

There you go, 4 unique ways to lose weight. Silly right? NO, they work. Try them.

If weight loss has not worked for you in the past, don’t you think trying some quirky tips to lose weight is worth a chance? Think outside the box and you might just find the results you’ve been looking for.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, can you do me a favor and share it via social media? Thanks!

About the Author

Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC graduated Summa Cum Laude with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991.

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