Why You Should Eat More Berries – From Disease Protection to Weight Loss

Why you should eat more berries

Why You Should Eat More Berries – From Disease Protection to Weight Loss

[Guest Post By Miodrag Kablinovic]

Imagine food that helps you to lose weight, prevent disease, boost your overall health and taste terrific.

It must be extremely expensive or magic, right? No!

You don’t have to visit your doctor or buy supplements. Just go to your grocery store and buy a bunch of different berries.

Berries are special because they contain a high amount of phytochemicals.

These nutrients have numerous health benefits, ranging from antioxidants to hormone balancing and providing your body with dietary fiber, which helps you to lose weight.

So grab a handful of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and any other berries you can find. Here are more convincing reasons to add berries to your daily diet:

Berries boost your brainpower

A study proved that women who eat a portion of blueberries or two handfuls of strawberries every week experience a reduced cognitive decline over the years compared to participants who went without these nutrition powerhouses.

Why you should eat more berries

More than 16,000 women over the age of 70 participated in this study. The women with the highest berry consumption delayed their age-related mental decline by more than two years.

Elizabeth Devore, the author of the study, explained that the reason for this might be found in a class of compounds called anthocyanidins.[1]

These special components are almost exclusively found in berries and are well known for their ability to locate in the memory centers of the brain.

Berries help you to fight diabetes

Berries might be sweet, but yet they don’t send you into the diabetic territory.

Why you should eat more berries strawberry

They contain a lot of fiber and are used as a serving of fruits in diabetic diets.

Nevertheless, it’s better to eat the fruits whole, rather than drink them as a juice, or eat them in muffins or pies. The benefits of berries will stay intact and you’ll consume less sugar.[2]

Berries could prevent Parkinson’s

According to a study published in the journal Neurology, people who eat more than two portions of berries per week have a 25 percent less chance of getting Parkinson’s.

Men can even reduce their risk of developing the disease by 40 percent when they consume a high amount of flavonoids. [3]

Flavonoids are nutrients that work as antioxidants; they fight so-called free radicals, which are responsible for various cancer diseases.

You don’t have to eat the berries plain. Add them to your breakfast as fruits salad or enjoy them with yogurt and oatmeal

Berries protect your heart

A study published in PLoS Medicine discovered that even people with a high risk for heart diseases could reduce their chances of going through a heart attack when they include berries in their diet.

Why you should eat more berries heart

Over 27,000 people participated in this study. Researchers checked their number of heart attacks and eating habits. They found a correlation between high fruits and vegetable intake and a reduced risk of suffering from a heart failure related to the 9p21 gene.[4]

When patients asked how to reduce their heart failure risk, the scientist answered: “Eat a rainbow.” Eat as many different colored fruits and vegetables to benefit the most.

Berries help you lose weight

Berries help you curb your hunger, because of their high amount of fiber and liquid content. Feeling satisfied is one of the most important aspects when you consider losing weight in the long term. [5]

Include them as fruit salad in your afternoon lunch or as a morning smoothie. Be creative and don’t hesitate to experiment with salad dressing, fruit sauces or just eat them plain. Make them a vital part of your nutrition.

Berries keep your blood pressure down

Although no clinical study has proven that berries help against high blood pressure, nutritionist and physicians agree to a fruit- and vegetable-rich diet.

Why you should eat more berries blackberries

The antioxidants found in berries even help against genetic predisposition regarding heart failures.

This should intrigue people who have a family history full of heart attacks because high blood pressure increases the risk of heart diseases.

Furthermore, the antioxidants fight against inflammation, therefore improving your overall health. [6]

Berries protect against cancer

A research study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis shows that berries, which are rich in flavonoids, might reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Most cancer prevention strategies suggest a high fruit and vegetable intake. Especially fruits which are rich in antioxidants like blueberries and raspberries.[7]

Berries help against Alzheimer’s

Recent research at the U.S. National Institutes of Health shows a link between a high intake of berries and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s diseases.

Why you should eat more berries blueberries

With more than 9 million cases of Alzheimer’s per year, this should concern every one of us.[8]

The American Chemical Society says the reason for the support against Alzheimer’s diseases can be found in the chemical compounds called polyphenolics. These compounds help to clean the toxins which gather over time.

Berries Fight Urinary Tract Infections

Cranberries are well known for their benefits against urinary tract infection but don’t underestimate the power of blueberries. They also seem to work well against infections.

In addition to that, it’s always wise to mix fruits and not to rely on one nutrients-source. [9]

Berries help against aging

Goji berries, also called wolfberries, are a common alternative medical ingredient in China.

There are mythical stories about monks who discovered the berry hundreds of years ago and lived more than a hundred years because of them.

Unfortunately, there are no reputable studies proving the anti-aging effect of goji berries. Goji berries are full of nutrients that are well known for their immune system boosting abilities.

A study reported that mice which were fed goji berries shown an improved immune system. Several other studies proved the beneficial health properties of the goji berry.[10]

Bottom Line on Why You Should Eat More Berries

All in all, it can be said, that there is a reason many berries belong to the “superfruits.” Whether you want to benefit from the fiber-rich berries or fight against common diseases like cancer, berries should be a vital part of your diet.

There is something for everyone. So grab your mixer, get some spinach and other fruits and mix a delicious smoothie full of raspberries, blueberries and other essential fruits.


Contributed by:

Miodrag Kablinovic is a blogger dedicated to informing readers about the basics of nutrition, health, and fitness. Sport is a big part of his life, whether Martial Arts, Crossfit or Running. He loves it all!

Edited by:

Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC graduated Summa Cum Laude with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991.

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