Intermittent Fasting: Is It Worth Your Time?

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Intermittent fasting is all about timing. By consciously dividing the day between times to eat and times to fast, many people claim to have lost weight and gained health. Is there science to support these claims? Are the benefits enough to make intermittent fasting worthwhile?

In this post, I’ll share what happened when ordinary people fasted for science. I will also provide some insights that may help you get the most out of fasting. 

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Can I Add Stevia to Keto Coffee? Transcript

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Can I add stevia in coffee? Will it break a fast?

We’re back on our testing kick, and we can feel it in our fingers!

In the past, we have tested our blood glucose and ketones to see how different things added to our coffee affect our intermittent fast.

We are now working on testing non-noncaloric sweeteners, and we get a ton of questions about stevia. Stevia is a natural type of sweetener since it is from a leaf.

In this post, we discuss whether it is okay or not okay to add stevia to keto coffee.

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Fatty Liver: What Is It? Do You Have It? How Is It Treated?

Medically reviewed by Dr. George Kosco, DO on February 14, 2020

Definition | Video | How It Develops | Tests & Risk Factors | Treatment Options

Fatty liver is a common disease. It is strongly influenced by a poor diet that is high in refined carbs and fructose. These troublesome nutrients are found in fast food meals, soda, and the 3C’s (cookies, cakes, and candies). 

In this article, I’ll explain how to tell if you have a fatty liver and how, if caught early, it is treated.

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What Can You Eat on a Low-Carb Diet?

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Low-carb diets are becoming increasingly popular, but which foods are low in carbohydrates? In this post, you’ll find 100 healthy low-carb food choices so you understand what you can eat on a low-carb diet. 

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