The Foods Found To Make Us The Most (& Least) Attractive

food can make us more attractive

The Foods Found To Make Us The Most (& Least) Attractive

A study finds that consuming just 3 extra servings of these foods improved attractiveness in just 6 weeks, while these foods took away from looks.

Eating three extra servings of carotenoid-containing fruits and vegetables per day creates healthy changes in your skin’s tone and coloration.

The degree of change was found to be significant enough that study participants were rated as more attractive within just six weeks of adding the foods.

Eating more refined sugars found in processed junk foods lead to a paler complexion and lower perceived attractiveness.

The researchers, who published their findings as an open-access article, found that consuming fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids increases the yellow and red tones of the skin.

These enhancements in the coloration of Caucasian skin are associated with a higher level of attractiveness.

The study noted:

Six-week changes in fruit and vegetable consumption were significantly correlated with changes in skin redness and yellowness over this period…

We also used psychophysical methods to investigate the minimum color change required to confer perceptibly healthier and more attractive skin-coloration. Modest dietary changes are required to enhance apparent health (2.91 portions per day) and attractiveness (3.30 portions).(Whitehead et. al., 2012).

Carotenoids, which include lycopene and beta-carotene, are organic pigments found in yellow, orange, or red vegetables. For example, it is the carotenoid lycopene that gives ripe tomatoes their red color.

These natural compounds act as powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. This contributes to the healthy tone of the skin and protects it from the premature aging effects of UV radiation (Stahl et al, 2007).

Below is a list of fruits and vegetables that contain carotenoids:
• Apricots
• Cantaloupe
• Carrot
• Dark Leafy Greens
• Guava
• Mango
• Papaya
• Peaches
• Pink Grapefruit
• Pumpkin
• Red & Yellow Peppers
• Sweet Potato
• Tomato
• Watermelon

In contrast, the consumption of processed junk foods leads to paler skin and a lower perceived attractiveness.

Junk foods need to be processed by the body. This stresses the body which results in a paler complexion.

The refined sugars and trans fats from a processed junk food diet taxes the kidneys and liver, which are the organs responsible for eliminating toxins and waste products.

If the systems are overworked, the waste elimination can be expressed through the skin as acne, a rash or other skin problems.

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate the skin.

These foods can be easily incorporated into recipes, juiced or eaten ala carte. However, if you don’t have a plan of action, you will not make the change.

About the Author

Dr. Becky Gillaspy, DC graduated Summa Cum Laude with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1991.

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  1. Hello Becky, I would like to appreciate your work here. you are actually doing a great job and I am saying it just because I feel that by reading your posts, many readers might have changed their diet plans. And obviously, eating more fruits is helping us to cut down foods which is high in saturated fat and sugar.

    Thanks & Regards,

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