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MCT Powder vs MCT Oil in Keto Coffee – Our Test Results – Transcript

Between MCT powder vs MCT oil, who will come out the winner?

A few months ago, we tested MCT oil in our coffee, and the results were great. But like always happens, you guys had a lot of questions about MCT oil powder.

We have been promising to test MCT powders for a while, so that is what we did today!

In this post, we test three different popular MCT oil powders and compare their results to our past MCT oil results.

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Leptin Resistance Explained-Trouble Losing Weight & Hunger

Medically reviewed by Dr. George Kosco, DO on August 25, 2020

Video | Leptin & Hunger | Leptin & Your Weight | Definition | Cause | How to Reverse It

I often say that leptin is a hormone we like because it tells our brains to turn off hunger and keep our weight under control. But that only happens if leptin’s message is getting to the brain. In this post, I explain leptin resistance, why it is common, and how it affects your ability to lose weight and control hunger.

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Gluten: What Is It? Should You Avoid It?

Video | What is Gluten? | Is It Bad? | Symptoms | Foods | Is Gluten Sensitivity on the Rise? | Leaky Gut | How to Avoid Gluten

What is the deal with gluten, and should you be worried about eating it? In this post, I share what gluten is, how to tell if it’s a problem for you, and how to avoid it IF you need to. 

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Top Omega 3 Foods for Your Low Carb Diet

List of Foods | Video | Differences between DHA, EPA & ALA | Benefits | Takeaway

You hear a lot about the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids, but which foods have them, and how do they benefit your healthy low-carb or keto diet?  In this post, I share the top omega 3 foods that are low in carbs and how they support your health as you lose weight. 

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6 Healthy High Fats Foods that are Low in Carbs

Video | Egg | Avocado | Fatty Fish | Walnuts | Chia Seeds | Full-Fat Yogurt

We used to think that including fat in our diets was a bad idea, but thanks to the popularity, success, and research behind low-carb/high-fat diets, dietary fats are making a comeback.

In this post, I share six hunger-stopping, healthy high-fat foods as well as suggestions on how to work them into your everyday diet. 

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